CEREAL REVIEW: The Return of Monster Cereals



General Mills sent me their newest, oldest line of monster sugar cereals to review…Me, personally, I’m not a sugar cereal kind of guy.  But my youngest son?  It’s totally in his wheelhouse.

Check out the great packaging–it made me laugh.

The Monster Cereals first came out in 1971.  For those who don’t remember the days of yore, there’s actually a wiki about them.  And they haven’t changed a bit.

First, and best (in my son’s opinion), came the one I’d never heard of: Fruity Yummy Mummy.  He spontaneously let out a “Mmm!” when he tried it, and said it has a very strong orange taste.

Second place award went to Frute Brute–it was the most colorful, and he finished the entire bowl.

He ranked Count Chocula third–but I note it was the only one he went back to for seconds, so the reality is he must have dug it.

He said he’ll finish all three boxes…So they’re a hit.

The last two, Franken- and Boo Berry, didn’t rank well.  He said they’re too sweet, and this is a kid who can eat a pack of skittles with a slurpee.

His only real complaint: He wished they didn’t all have marshmellows.  Still, he didn’t pick them out.  He ate ’em all.

The cereals are getting a massive relaunch in September…In time for Halloween!



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