Who doesn’t like Neil Young?

Even if you’re a right winger, you have to admire the grit of a musician willing to go up against MTV back in the 1980s, the longevity of someone who sold records back when they are records and continues to move digital downloads, and the skill of a man who can craft pop songs, protest songs, and ballads that make you want to kill youself. And he walks the walk, too, with his work for the Bridge School and support for various other charitable and political causes.

Plus, he makes some damn fine music that everyone can love. Don’t like the heroin-induced desperation of “Helpless” or “Needle and the Damage Done”? Then turn to fast-paced rockers like “Mr. Soul,” “Like a Hurricane,” or “Rockin’ in the Free World.” Want something gentler? There’s “A Man Needs a Maid” and “Comes a Time.” Prefer your music protest-folky? Then he’s got “Ohio” and “Southern Man.” Want more violence? Check out “Down by the River” or “Powderfinger.” Prefer something that sounds more modern? Check out “Let’s Roll,” “This Note’s For You” or even “Cinnamon Girl”—an old song that’s timeless. Face it, I could spend a page writing about the man’s music.

It’s about giving you something really cool. Like a copy of “Dreaming Man,” a concert of Neil’s classic Harvest Moon album, drawn from solo acoustic shows of his 1992 tour. If you’ve never had the chance to hear him acoustic, it’s a treat. I’ve seen him twice and heard countless boots of it, and the ’92 tour is among his best work. Plus, the actual studio album relied on The Stray Gators band, but here you get to hear Neil working the songs out solo. I have two copies to give away. It’s in celebration of the 17-year anniversary of Harvest Moon.

Here are some .mov files from the label:

Dreamin’ Man

One Of These Days

Purchase Dreamin Man here.

But the grand prize is Neil Young’s Archives, Volume 1. It’s 8 CDs recorded between 1963 up through 1972 (when he released Harvest—one of the greatest rock albums of all time). There’s stuff from Buffalo Springfield, CSN&Y, and plenty of Crazy Horse material. No, you’re not imagining this. I really have one to give away. I haven’t been blessed to hear it yet, but I’ve been told that the sound quality is a vast improvement over the original releases (much of the boxed set contains material that has previously been available elsewhere).

It’s like a starter-kit for a Neil Young fan who doesn’t own a lot of his early stuff—or who only has it on vinyl or audiotape (guilty!).

Another .mov file from the label:

Harvest Moon


Drop a comment with your e-mail and your favorite Neil lyric. Winners will be chosen at random in one week, and will be contacted by the e-mail in the comment. So if you leave out your e-mail, you can’t win. And if you don’t check your e-mail within 24 hours after I send you the “winner” notice, I’m moving on to the next guy. I’ve got one archives and two copies of Dreaming Man to offer, so your odds are looking pretty good here.

And how about a few covers to tide you over—or console you if you don’t win the giveaway?

Heart of Gold-Bettye Lavette

Neil Young-Dana Carvey

Splendid Isolation-Neil Young and Warren Zevon (direct link)

Mr. Soul-Uncle Tupelo

Rockin in the Free World-Drive-By Truckers (direct link)


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