VINNY RADIO-Broke (Mixtape)

vinny radio broke mixtape
Vinny Radio isn’t deep. He doesn’t move the genre forward (or backward). His lyrics aren’t special. But there’s something here. Maybe it’s how on songs like Needs/Cadillac he deftly goes from straightforward rapping to a sung/drawl hook, and bounces back again effortlessly. There’s guys who can hit the beat hard but don’t do great hooks (Lupe Fiasco), and there’s guys who are nothing but hook (50 Cent), It’s rarer to find a guy who can do both. Who can be brash and casual at the same time. He’s from Pittsburgh, and his beats are by Swisher P. Fischer (great sound beds), but kinda has a delivery like Nas meets Bubba Sparks, or Eminem with mild retardation. And I mean that in the nicest way.

It’s well worth a download.

It’s on datpiff, or you can get the mixtape here.

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