MASH UP OF THE YEAR: “Bang Bang” by E-603

Hellllllllllll yeah.

Bang Bang by E-603

A mash up so good it’s got a press release:

New Hampshire’s (hence the “603”) Ethan (“hence the “E”) Ward has been creating a nostalgic yet original blend of music made from samples as E-603 since 2002. Emerging from the mashup scene that produced Girl Talk, The Hood Internet and others, Ward takes a more musical approach than his peers, including his own instrumentation in his unprecedented, superfast cut and paste production aesthetic.

Ward’s third album SMOKESHOW announces him as a master of the genre, as he utilizes samples from as many as fifteen songs at once and ultimately constructs some of the most elaborate electronic songs out there. To date, E-603’s free albums have been downloaded more than 50,000 times and tracks from SMOKESHOW have already racked up tens-of-thousands of plays prior to any promotion.

An entire mash up album is available here by Ethan Ward. I haven’t heard the whole album yet, but that single is (ahem) bangin.

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