Cory Chisel’s 2009 debut was a success critically, and a decent seller to boot, but he’s departed from Black Seal Records to the RIAA-Independent Readymade Records (but he retained his distribution deal with Sony) for his next one, the even better, even more brilliant “Old Believers.”

Sometimes, but not often enough, a record comes along that smashes you over the head with wonder. This is such an album. Absolutely amazing. If this isn’t on my best of 2012 list then this was one damn good year for music. It’s great from the vocals to the guitar work, the rhythm section, the songwriting, all the way down to the backup singing. Everything about this album kicks ass.

A little Randy Newman, a lot of Bob Dylan, a touch of Aimee Mann (male version), and even a little Bryan Adams (“Laura” sounds just like “Heaven,” only with more of a rock sound than a pop one).

Free mp3 of the single, I’ve Been Accused.

And here’s Cory covering The Beatles’ Fixing a Hole.

And here at Cover Lay Down you can find a cover of a Chisel song, which means he must be a great songwriter.

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