Remember A to C? Seems like it was just yesterday.

Today, it’s D to H.

D is for Dear Prudence (live boot version)-The Jerry Garcia Band. (In zip file.) This was probably one of my top three songs to see Jerry do live. This is a pretty good version, too:

Dear Prudence-Martin Sexton (direct link)

E is for the artist currently known as eels:

I’m Only Sleeping-A Man Called E (live version).

F is for Franz Ferdinand’s live version of It Won’t Be Long.

F is also for Fionn Reagan’s cover of Getting Better, which you can find at Coverfolk.

G is Ghostface Killa’s brilliant Beatles mixtape track, later used on the 8 Diagrams Wu album, but not nearly as good, with Erykah Badu on the hook.

G is also for Guster-Two of Us (direct link). A truly underrated Beatles tune.

H is for Here Comes the Sun-Belle and Sebastian (in zip). It’s also for Here Comes the Sun-Keller Williams (direct link). And it’s for Here Comes the Sun-Spearhead. A highly recommended version, which you’ll find in the zip file.

More next time!

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