JOEY BADA$$-1999

In the world of rap, mixtapes started as giveaways designed to get the performer noticed, which usually meant including a harsh dis track or biting samples off the most popular cuts of the day. Over the years, though, they became places to dump studio outtakes and snippets of upcoming album cuts. Joey Bada remembers how the game was played back in 1999, and uses beats from the jazz and native-tongue bands of the era, among others, to remind you.

Fantastic stuff.

1999 is the debut of this Brooklyn boy who goes to my High School–props to Edward R. Murrow!

Oh, and did I mention that among the many quality beats he’s selected are cuts by MF DOOM and J Dilla?

‘Cause if that doesn’t tell you he knows what he’s doing, I don’t know what will.

Get it here or here.

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