SHOW NOTE:  You’ll notice an ad for the first time ever on the sidebar.  I allowed this ad to be placed for two reasons.  First, it’s for show tickets, not penis enlargement, so it’s the type of product I’m cool with.  Second, my laptop just died and this blog is taking up more and more of my time and money, so I needed a little something.  I swear I won’t sell out and start allowing Google Adsense or any of that kind of nonsense.  Nor will I ever be beholden to a sponsor, record label, or anyone.  My opinions will continue to be my own, unqualified and ridiculous though they might be.

Now back to our show.


Pretty Good Dance Moves are anything but boring. And that’s high praise coming from me for an electronica EP. Most of these albums leave me cold—the music feels emotionless, like you expect to hear at a hair salon. But this album is quite different. First of all, it’s got some chick named Genevieve (from Company of Thieves) providing vocals of Mazzy Star quality. It’s also got real instruments on it—violin and guitar in particular—that add an organic flavor usually missing from this generally sterile-on-purpose genre. The band has no label (yet), but hopefully this humble blog can help change that.

For fans of: Mazzy Star, Taken By Trees, Junior Boys, Portishead, Postal Service.



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