Is this superhero news? Kinda. I have to say that The Dark Knight on Community is better than the Batmen I’ve seen in at least 6 movies/TV shows.

Community is the smartest and funniest show on the air, and the best show of all time since the first eight seasons of The Simpsons.

The bad news is, it’s gonna be on Friday night in a block with the failing “Whitney” and “Grimm” shows. The good news may be that Friday night is one with low expectations attached to it, so it’s likely that NBC will let “Community” ride out the year to conclusion.

Mark Harmon has always said that his vision was a 4-year show about a 4-year college, so if the show makes it all season, his vision will be fulfilled. I already own season 1 on DVD and plan to by season 2 soon, but I’d be up for a nice 4-season box set as well. I love the show that much….

In not-at-all-comic-book-news, my favorite trash show is coming back: ABC’s Wife Swap. I love that show!

In other not-at-all-comic-book-news, “The Office” is coming back without Dwight. It’s also losing one of its best writers, Mindy Kaling. The only good loss for the show is James Spader, who never worked. This is a show that has long outlived its usefulness. Buy the Ricky Gervais DVDs of the original show instead.

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