THE CLASH-“August 17, 1982” (PART ONE)

As promised, more Clash. My goal is to never go more than a couple without something Clash related.

Lots of folks know that the Clash’s 1982 Jamaica show is one of their greatest of all time. But this, sometimes more overlooked bootleg, is probably the finest quality (in terms of sound) that I’ve ever heard. It’s also a solid show, with extended versions of The Magnificent 7 and Clampdown (one of my faves). It would have been perfect if they’d done Julie’s Been Working For The Drug Squad, but you can’t have everything, right?

Today, a full CD’s worth of tunes from this show. Part 2 coming soon.

A few tastes and a zip.

1. London Calling
2. The Leader
3. Radio Clash
4. Clash City Rockers
5. Know Your Rights
6. Guns of Brixton
7. Train In Vain
8. The Call Up
9. Rock the Casbah
10.Police & Thieves
11.Police on My Back


Disc #2 (coming soon!)
1. Magnificent 7
2. Wrong Em Boyo
3. Career Opportunties
4. Somebody Got Murdered
5. Brand New Cadillac
6. I Fought the Law
7. Armagideon Time
8. Should I Stay or Should I Go
9. Clampdown
10.Straight to Hell

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