SARAH RADLE-Same Sun Shines

Sara Radle was in a few underground indie bands, including The Rentals (with the bassist from Weezer) and Walking Sleep before she broke out on her own.  Now, five albums into her solo career, she’s offering Same Sun Shines, a beautifully performed collection of well-crafted indie pop songs–and a cover.  Waylon Jennings’ classic, “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys.”  I have to admit, that was the cut that sold me on this record.  I don’t know it was because there’s absolutely nothing country about it (which makes it ironic) or if it’s just because it’s a great version.  But the important thing is, it drew me in.  The rest of the record kept me.  Lyrically, there are terrific cuts like “Still Here” about a jilted woman who wants to “get the last word” with her ex, and musically there’s some really, really great bouncy pop here.  I might have picked “Little One” as the single rather than “The Pins,” but they’re both great cuts.

Check her out!

The Pins

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