black mountain
black-mountain-iv-new-albumI’ve loved this band since their Druganaut days, when they were the best thing Jajaguar Records had to offer. And they’re still right at the top. They make very heavy, very modern blues–at least usually. This album finds them a little more upbeat (but just a little), and a little more experimental. “Deflector” sounds a bit like the Arcade Fire single “Reflector,” for example, but mostly songs like “Constellations” remind us that these guys are fans of 1960s heavy rock like Moby Grape and Black Sabbath. “Don’t get out of your head/you’ll end up losing your mind.”  In fact, the two sample songs they’re offering are great examples: Florian Saucer Attack is a bit of a departure–but not far–from their expected sound, while Mothers of the Sun hits the spot if you’re looking for another great, jam-based heavy psych album.

But I think my favorite song is the longing “Line Them All Up.”  It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I can’t stop listening to it.

Here’s a stream of the single, and two direct-download mpfrees right above it.
Mothers of the Sun

Florian Saucer Attack

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