There are rappers who you listen to because they have tight lyrics, and paint pictures you’ve never seen before–they may be dressing up standard ideas (boy loves girl; “I’m great and rich;” getting high; etc.), but they talk about them in a new way. And then there are rappers who make your head bob and nod, and make you want to dance and move and shout along. And then there’s the beat: Some rap lyricists may suck, but they’ve got tremendous hooks (I’m thinking of Dr. Dre here).

And there’s the rare rapper who can do all of the above.

Readers, I give you Yyou, an independent HipHop artist from Victoria BC, Canada, who wants you to hear his new album OTF so bad, he’s giving it away. Go get it, and make sure you listen to “Take Me Home Tonight” (produced By Jonathan Lee),” which takes the familiar Eddie Money hook and turns it into a monster.

Get it here.

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