“Nothing But Our Love,” the first cut off of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.‘s EP titled, “Horse Power,” feels a little twee at first.  It’s a very simple song, vocalized like a mantra (“All we have/All we have/Is nothing but our love”)–like one of those old contemplative Paul McCartney love songs.  It’s very simple, yet immediately captivating.  I really didn’t want to like this song, either, because it sounded so meek at first.  But I couldn’t help myself.

It goes on to “Vocal Chords,” which is at once similar and different.  And then comes “Simple Girl,” which perfects the McCartney influence just in time for the closer: A cover of my least favorite Brian Wilson song, “God Only Knows.”  But it works.  Quite well, actually.  In fact, I like it a lot more than the original.  The vocals are stil airy and heavy on harmony, but there’s more bottom here and the singer lets his voice crack a few times.  It makes the song less idealistic–now it feels real, grounded.  Like someone really loves someone else so much it makes him afraid.  It hurts.

Yeah, this is a fluffier review than you’re used to reading here.  This is a fluffier album than I tend to listen to.  But if you’re looking a lovely, meditative record like Grizzly Bear or Postal Service, this hits the spot.  There’s a lot of music like this out there these days, but this is some of the best.

God Only Knows (Beach Boys cover)


Okie From Muskogee-The Grateful Dead and the Beach Boys

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