Invisible Brigades Records has just released an EP by NYC indie band Scout titled “∏.”  Try searching that up on the internet for more info.  You’ll find nothing.
The band broke in 1998 on a major label (Chrysalis), and became a flavor of the month–marked by an appearance on Conan O’Brien before Conan tried to become Jay and everything went horribly wrong for Conan.  Similarly lead singer Ashen Keilyn (who has a pitch perfect pop music voice), left the band in 2003 and foundered as a solo act while the band foundered without her.
Now, they’re back.
This EP is absolutely terrific.  It consists of two songs from their upcoming record All Those Relays, a cover of Guided By Voices’ “Game of Pricks” and one unreleased track, “Songs to Strangers.”

With a new record completed and an EP ready to go, what happens now?

“I am not trying to be ‘something,’” says Keilyn. “I’m allowing thing to happen at their own pace.”

But on the strength of All Those Relays, that pace is going to be quick.

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