THE CHINESE STARS-“Heaven on Speed Dial”

What the fuck is this noise? If you wanna piss off your parents, listen to sonic indie punkers The Chinese Stars, whose latest, “Heaven on Speed Dial,” will be a digital-only release on 10/20/09. Although it’s somewhat reminiscent of the style of the champions of this genre, Death From Above 1979, it’s also got a cleaner style and more melody. Usually, this kind of music hides defects in lyrical, vocal, or instrumental ability. But I don’t get that sense from this band.

Everything about this, the the Chinese Stars’ third full-length record, from the press release that talks about “their own brand of rock’n’roll justice” to the so cute band picture above suggests that I should hate this band. Including their in-your-face noiserock, which seems to say “This is what we’re doing and if you don’t like it, fuck you.”

And yet I don’t. It’s really fucking cool.

Rabbit Face


Needle and the Damage Done (dedicated to Michael Jackson)-Pearl Jam

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