KATHRYN CALDER-Bright and Vivid

I tend to like pop music, and upbeat power pop at that.  Today: A change of pace.  Kathyrn Calder‘s second album is definitely pop, but it’s a quiet kind of pop, with lots of echo and breath.  Bright and Vivid is a great listen–layered with lots of variety, amazing vocals, and tons of texture, texture, texture.  This is a very produced album, but not in a way that kills spontaneity–no.  It’s produced in a way that allows for each of the many sounds to be crisp and distinct.

Calder used to play with a band called Immaculate Machine and another little band called The New Pornographers.  There’s a lot of their respective sounds here.  In fact, along with her own terrific band are musicians who’ve played with Neko Case, Odonis Odonis, Superchunk, and the Mountain Goats.

Great stuff.

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