AA BONDY-Believers

Warning: Don’t listen to A.A. Bondy if you’re feeling sad, rejected or—most of all—suicidal.  It’s not quite as extreme as The Cowboy Junkies, but it comes close.  Bondy’s latest album, Believers, is a collection of songs that crawl though sadness and pain through dark, gothic echoes and distortion.

It’s the musical version of heroin.

Which of course implies that it’s addicting.  And it is.

You may recall Scott Bondy, if you haven’t heard his earlier works, from the 1990s band Verbena.  They were pretty good.  But his solo work far surpasses it.  It’s haunting without being dark and dull.  It’s moody but still engaging.  I think this kind of work is some of the hardest to produce, and some of the riskiest—because atmospheric moodpunk is bound to lose major chunks of listeners and will almost never finda young audience.  But don’t miss out.  This is a good one.

Buy it from Fat Possum.

Stream it at AOL.

Taste “The Twist
Download A.A. Bondy The Twist

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