YOUR MIDWAY HOST-“Our Cities Could Grow”

The first track on Your Midway Host’s, “Our Cities Could Grow,” is an Americana marching song. It makes sense that singer/songwriter Nich Bazik got his start in a “Civil War Fife and Drum Corps.” But traveling through the album, the listener finds an excellent collection and wide range of Americana tunes, from Ryan Adams style ballads to Wilco/Uncle Tupelo banjo jaunts. It’s roots music of a high order, and I’m giving it, accordingly, a high recommendation. If I’d had more time to sit with the record over the year, it might very well have gotten a best of the year award. But instead I’ll have to be content telling you all to . . . check it out.

Coming Out of the Rain (live version)


Oak Tree

Johns Song

Quiet Song

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