LOVEDRUG-The Best Of I Am Lovedrug

“The Best of I Am Lovedrug” is a collection of covers funded buy fans of the band.  It’s also the band’s first full-length album.  It’s quite unusual for a band to introduce itself to the world via the words and music of others, but it’s also a canny way to get internet buzz.

The selection (and arrangement) of songs ranges from the common to the quirky, as you’d expect.  There’s a the obligatory Fleetwood Mac song, “Dreams,” which, frankly, nobody seems to be able to do a bad version of.  Oddly, there’s also a Stevie Nicks song (“Talk to Me”).  Both are pretty faithful to the originals.  Then there’s some “street cred” selctions (“Only Shallow” (My Bloody Valentine)) and “Me and My Arrow” (Harry Nilsson)).  Again, the versions are fairly true to the original—although “Talk To Me” shines with its male vocals; it kind of changes from a pop song to a blues ballad.  Kind of.  It’s still pop, though.  The other big standout is a cover of The Cranberries’ “Zombie,” a song I always found grating until Lovedrug made it more contemplative, eschewing the screamo chorus.

The “we’re so weird we’re cool” pick is from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: “Pure Imagination.”  And it’s handled quite well.  Lots of fun.

I wasn’t familiar with this band prior to getting this solicit, and I have to confess that after having listened to the whole thing, I still don’t feel lI know them.  They’re clearly a talented and tight pop band, skilled on the synths and good singers, all, but what are they about?  No clue.

But I had fun trying to figure them out!

“Talk to Me” (Stevie Nicks cover)

“Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac cover)


Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac Cover)-Vampire Weekend

Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac) Death Cab for Cutie w/The Decemberists


Dreams-New Pornographers









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