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What goes around, comes around again.  Here’s a bunch of new singles in the spirit of older ones!

Like L7? The Barb Wire Dolls’ “Desperate” is solid grrrl punk/rock. Here’s the single:
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Like Bon Iver? Benjamin Francis Leftwich continues to make the kind of airy, light indie rock you’d expect from a guy with three names and lots of syllables. I enjoyed it.

Like Nirvana? Blume Hinges’ new single sounds a helluvalot like Kurt Cobain on the mic…

Like Nelly’s flow but wish he was a little smarter and was produced by MF DOOM? Benton spits bars over “?” on his new single, Why I’m Here,

Like traditional country music? I mean, not the big guitar-and-boom stuff that passes for country nowadays, but the kind of music Waylon used to make? Try Country Lips’ new record. I have to say, my patience for a whole album of this kind of music is low—it’s not really my thing—but I heard the whole album straight through and found it quite enjoyable.

Like the above album, but wish it had more fiddle? Try Don Gallardo!

Like Mobb Deep? Try this one:

Like the new wave disco of Scissor Sisters? Check out the new album by Golden Bear!

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