SKI BEATZ-24 Hour Karate School Part 2

Ski Beatz has released the sequel to their major-label album as a mixtape: 24 Hour Karate School Part II.  It includes material by Freddie Gibbs, Nicole Wray, Cassidy, GLC, Stat Quo, and one of my favorite current new jacks, STS.

I can’t say I loved the mixtape.  The STS cut is pretty commercial, but everything he does is solid, but overall, the beats far outclass the rhymes.  And although this is a producer’s record, you can’t do that.  It diminishes the project overall.  Still, it’s worth a download for the cuts by Locksmith (who I’d never heard of before, but he kills on “Metabolic”); the STS cut; “Larry Bird” featuring Stalley; and “Frontin’” with Tabi Bonney.

Get it here or here.

Here’s some more mixtapes and free stuff, and generally stuff worth leaving here for…

Adult Swim’s latest free singles collection: 11 songs, by the likes of El-P (a fantastic cut “Drones Over Brooklyn); Tallest Man on Earth; The Rapture covering the Bee Gees…It’s free, man, so what do you care.  Just go get it!

Go here for the best songs of July 2011.

My buddy CD turned me on to a tribute to De La Soul’s Three Feet High and Rising record.  It’s a free download from Find Magazine.

Here’s yet another Wale mixtape, if that’s your thing.


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