TRUNKS AND MF DOOM-“Unicron” (EP)/Plus: New 2ew Gun Ciz!

I’ve been unable to find a legal release of “Unicron” anywhere, and when I got sent the link, it was labeled as a mixtape.

In January, before MF DOOM began pulling no-shows at his own shows, a rumor started circulating that the masked villain would be producing the new LP by Canadian rapper Trunks (who dropped bars on “Lockjaw” on the phenomenal, groundbreaking King Geedorah
record). The next thing I knew, along came Unicron,named after the Transformer who was as big as a planet. And although this is really just an EP, it feels just as monumental. In an ubergeek kinda way.

Trunks is brilliant; an unashamed comic-book/cartoon nerd who name drops just about every D.C. and Marvel superhero; Stan Lee; Clive Barker; Star Wars; and more and more and more. Some of the beats—if not all of them—seem to be snatched from earlier MF works, but there are also what appear to be original sound-drops and sound-beds, and with DOOM you know that production never takes a back seat. The music is as intricate and fascinating, funny and skilled as the lyrics. The strange thing about this is that, once again, Victor Vaughn himself remains quiet (as he did on the Madvillainy Remix album released earlier this year, and the recent DOOMED blend album). Between all this reissued, reimagined stuff and his no-shows at his own shows, I seriously wonder if he’s even alive.

I’m only posting one song from the EP, because I can’t tell if it is a commercial release or not. If it is, and you know where to buy it legit, please let me know! Regardless, though, it’s easily the most creative hip hop release I’ve heard in 2008.

Who’s a Hero?

Bonus MPfrees:

Project Jazz-Talib Kweli, Hell Raza, and MF DOOM

And, as promised, new 2ew Gunn Ciz! 2ew is a great underground rapper who has really been bringing it this year. You need to check this out!

Small Time-2ew Gunn Ciz

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