This is what I thought when I received “Robots Can’t Drink” as a single in the mailbag: “E-dubble?  What’s that, an MC Breed reference?”  But, no.  E-Dubble is an indie Baltimore rapper who speaks on politics, gangsterism, class warfare, and, most of all, love of hip hop.  He’s easily as good as any other indie rapper on the scene right now–fantastic beats and hooks and creative, complex rhymeplay, and incredibly versatile, powerful delivery.

And he’s white.

Too many indie rappers are full of “positivity” or have a single message.  E-Dubble seems to be able to be whatever the moment calls for:


“We need some new shit to get the youth involved . . . Three wars goin’ on got the troops involved . . . Ben Bernake with the benchpress/He’s got a tough job, we in tough times/You want eloquence?  I got tough rhymes.”

-Clap On Clap Off


“Origami mommies get their labias swollen”

-Robots Can’t Drink


“I got hair on my nuts/And I’m crazy as fuck!”

-FF#15 (Class Clown) (Over Hanson’s MmmmBop)

True to the game:

“I ain’t stoppin’ till the breath’s gone/And even then I’ll probably hit ’em with the death song.”

This guy’s amazing.  You owe it to yourself to check him out…

Here’s his Soundcloud page.

Here’s some choice cuts:

Class Clown (Hanson sample)

Sidelines (The Zox “Pachobel’s Canon”)

Conundrum (J-Dilla feat. Black Thought “Reality TV”)

Get out of the Park (Sleigh Bells “Riot Rhythm”)

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