AGENCY OF RECORD-The Purchase Of Time And Space (EP)

I like hardcore pretty much.  I dig your Black Flag, your Butthole Surfers, your Fear.  Your screaming and shouting over heavy drums and blazing guitar.  Your soft then loud then soft.  It’s cool.  But too often, the screaming is just a substitute for being a drunk with no voice and a sense of urgency.  And too often, the music turns into something clean and poppy, like Blink 182, completely soulless.

Enter: Agency of Record.

I think this is supposed to be ’90s punk, a la System of a Down, but it’s got some more classic elements as well–very Fugazi.

Clocking in at five songs, I think this an EP. But it’s not billed as such.

Anyway, if you dig what you hear here, go support the band at Bandcamp.

Disco Disco


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