DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979-The Physical World

Remember in the two-triple-aughts when Jack and Meg White came on the scene and everyone said they’d changed everything? Well, Romantic Rights and Blood on Our Hands are two of the best driving power duo songs ever. And they’re not blues. They’re tough, muscular rock–the kind of heavy metal that grinds up 1980s glam, dissolves it into a cup with some Guns N Roses, and after you drink it you piss out Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. DFA1979 made hardcore guitar rock for kids of the 2000s.

And they’re still doing it.

In their first new album since 2006, the team of two show zero signs of growth. Thank God. This is the follow up we all waited for after their debut–a sophomore album that never came. Until now.

And these days, with Karen O releasing an album that sounds like badly recorded Bob Dylan and The Rapture nowhere to be seen, Death From Above 1979 can take their rightful place as the sole survivors of the metal dance techno punk movement.

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