JASON CLARK-The Lone Ranger

Raise ’em up if you remember Basshead’s classic party dronethem, “Do You Wanna Fuck Or What?”  If you’ve got both hands up high and wonder whatever happened to that witty, slow flow rapper, then you need to get your hands on Jason Clark’s “The Lone Ranger” as soon as possible.  Or, as soon as your slacker ass will get it together to think about doing it.

If you want to know something about Jason Clark, join the club.  There’s very little out there about him–he’s an indie producer who composes slow grind, handclap beat, and he’s got a laid back, breezy flow, just like Basshead.  Who are all over this mixtape, by the way.  It’s summer music, it’s free, and it’s way better than most free music.

Get it all for free here.

Stuck To You (Ft. Basshead, U.E. Daniels)

Party (Ft. Basshead, Prod. Jeremy Greco)

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