I don’t know who this Kris Kasanova cat is, but he’s got mad lyrical skills. And Ibe, his producer, is pretty damn fly, too.  The Long Way Home” sounds a little like Lupe with the flow, but he’s got streetwise smart lyrics that tell tales of grinding with hopeful distance, like Hova or Brother Ali, and his chosen beats have big dramatic swells like 9th Wonder.  It’s the whole package.

It’s not like his verses are mindblowing:

“We been in Brooklyn too long/we call it home/but it’s time to move on.”

“Little liquor makes the pain disappear quicker.”

It’s that they’re simple truths.  He doesn’t have to impress you by finding words that rhyme with orange–he’s too busy being honest.  He’s too busy telling his truths to bother addressing yours.  This is not prepackaged hip hop, it’s not a kid trying to get famous too quickly, it’s not a poet struggling for rhythm or a singer trying to sound like a poet.

This is fucking awesome.  If you don’t go cop it, and dig it, you’re a stupid motherfucker.  Truly.

It’s Okay

The Long Way Home

All you cheap bastards can get his album for zero dollars at Bandcamp.  I did.

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