For today’s Clash post, I’m digging into the bootleg well for part one of a complete show. Part two will follow soon. Probably tomorrow, if I have my act together.

The show is from Februay 25, 1982, from the Hong Kong stop on the band’s world tour. This was one of Topper’s last gigs, before Joe and the band’s manager snuck up on poor old Top to boot him out. This show was taped off a mono radio broadcast, but I’m missing hte songs after Safe European Home in set two. There are a few gaps, too, where there were station IDs or tape flips. So it’s not the best boot ever, but it’s not the worst, either. And far as I know, it’s the only one where Joe threatens to do karate on the audience. And it’s always cool to hear “Know Your Rights” done live.

Here’s CD one, a few tastes and a zip.

London Calling
Washington Bullets
Tommy Gun
Guns of Brixton
Train in Vain
Know Your Rights
The Magnificent Seven
Ivan Meets G.I. Joe
White Man in a Hammersmith Palais
Wrong em Boyo
Koka Kola
I Fought The Law
Career Opportunities


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