I just watched the 2010 A-Team-meets-GI-Joe-only-way-way-way-better film, The Losers. I think it’s one of the most underrated action films of recent years. Fucking love it. Even though the best scene in the movie uses Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” as the backdrop. Talk about overused tunes in media. Blame it on The Sopranos. One thing I never noticed before, though, was that The Losers cuts the song in exactly the same place as the ending of Sopranos. So, at least it was a conscious lift. In fact, it was almost like the movie version of a cover: Using exactly the same song for exactly the same length of time, to evoke a similar–but slightly tailored–response from the viewer. In this case: A hankerin’ for more.

So, for this, my second “Covers on Fridaze” post, I thought I’d put up a buncha Journey for y’all.  In an A to Z, no less.  And although I probably could have done so, they’re not all Don’t Stop Believin’ covers.  Just mostly.

I haven’t done one of these in a long, long time.  And as my old fans know: There’s a zip file in there somewhere!

A is for Arpetrio.  An extended jam version of DSB that’s actually purdy gud.

B is for DSB-Badly Drawn Boy

C is for Cam’Ron’s “Just Us.”  Rappers like to sample DSB, too!

D is for Dolly Verden’s DSB.

E is for the shredding electric guitar on DSB-Marnie Stern. Is this my favorite of the lot?  Maybe.  Nah.  It’s probably Petra Haden’s.  But this one’s damn close.

F is for Faithfully-Clem Snide.

G is for Greensky Bluegrass’s bluegrass version of DSB.  I really like this one.  Wish it were better quality.

H is for DSB-Petra Haden.

J is for Jon Regen’s DSB.

M is for John Mayer’s DSB.  Because the man can’t leave a fad untouched.

N is for Matt Nathanson’s Faithfully cover.  Matt kicks ass in concert, truly.  He also does a great DSB, too, which I threw in to make up for skipping a few letters here and there.

P is for Curtis Peoples’ take on DSB.

R is for Josh Ritter’s DSB.

S is for Segway’s Separate Ways.  A freakin’ awesome synthy cover.

T is for Faithfully by Trainwreck.  It’s recorded a little low, but’s it’s a good cover.

V is for Vakill, who used Journey on this terrific Hurricane Katrina tune: Man Into Monster (Feat. Vizion).

X is for X-rated. But not really. Good Boy by Getaway Car is supposed to be about S&M but I don’t really get it. I do like the ripping on Don’t Stop Believin’ at the beginning of the tune, though.

Y is for yuck.  Fourth River’s DSB cover is terrible.  But it’s in the zip.  Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And, of course, Z is for Zip file.  Enjoy.  Zip source oneZip source two.

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