THE TWEES-These Girls (EP)

Like Lou Reed but wish he was less morose?  Like Tokyo Police Club but wish it had a lot more bottom and depth? Like Vampire Weekend but wish it didn’t sound like a bunch of spoiled rich kids who’ve never lived a day?

Then The Twees are probably what you’re looking for.

Their 2011 EP “These Girls” is Strokesy guitar, gritty street bass, and vocals that truly sound like young Lou.  There’s a lot you’ll find familiar, but it’s all wrapped up in a fresh and crisp package that makes the most of its parts, so that it’s neither derivative nor predictable.

I love this EP.  I get about a dozen submissions a week.  Many I don’t even get to hear all the way through.  Others I like enough to review, but know I’ll never listen to again.  This is the first submission of 2011 that I intend to actually keep.

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