30. Counterpart (Starz)

29. Bodyguard (BBC/Netflix)

28. Flint Town (Netflix)

27. Sharp Objects (HBO)

26. Survivor (CBS)

25. Norm MacDonald Has a Show (Netflix)

24. The Americans (FX)

23. Jessica Jones Season Two (Netflix)

22. The Looming Tower (Hulu)

21. Roseanne (ABC) (but NOT The Conners, which is just mediocre)

20. Succession (HBO)

19. The Good Place (NBC)

18. Silicon Valley (HBO)

17.  Who Is America (Showtime)

16.  Billions (Showtime)

15.  The Chi (Showtime)

14.  Seven Seconds (Netflix)

13.  Daredevil Season 3 (Netflix). Just when I thought Marvel was phoning in its Netflix shows to make way for Disney’s pay-to-watch service, DD Season 3 comes out and blows away all expectations. Bullseye was perfect: Close enough to canon, crazy enough to terrify, and with a backstory that was actually emotionally relevant and moving. Bravo.

12.  Baskets (FX)

11.  Preacher (AMC)

10.  Kidding (Showtime)

9.  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX)

8.  Barry (HBO)

7.  Killing Eve (BBC America).  I did not expect to like this show–I’m not really into police procedurals–but Sandra Oh was incredible.

6.  Better Call Saul (AMC)

5.  Atlanta (FX).  The Michael Jackson ep was my favorite, but all of them were amazing.

4.  Wild Wild Country (Netflix)

3.  Ray Donovan (Showtime).  How can this show just keep getting better?  I thought for sure this season would decline, but…Nope.  The opposite.

2.  Legion (FX).  Proof that a comic book adaptation can be art.  Amazing.

1.  Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO).  Funny and smarter than me.  Not a lot of shows can say that.

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