At first blush, Tyler Jon Tyler sounds like more of that retro garage pop that many, many folks have doing so well for the past handful of years, which is a little bit of a turnoff: It’s simple music already–is it really so special that so many bands have to try their hand at it?  But the answer is yes, because that’s not what Tyler Jon Tyler are actually doing.

TJT’s rock is tight, to be sure, and minimalist and poppy, but it owes as much to Blondie as it does to Strawberry Alarm Clock, and as much to The Cure and the Pretenders as to the Standells or Ramones.  The drumming (by Tom “Daily Void” Cassling) leads you though Rebecca Flores’ terrifically urgent vocals and guitar work, and crisp songwriting keeps the pace moving quick.  Oh, and if the bass is as heavy and steady as a drumbeat, it’s because it’s played by the drummer from The Ponys ,Nathan Jerde.

By the time the album goes silent after just 26 minutes, you’ve lost yourself in it.  Highly recommended.

On Slow Fizz records.

Tick Tock Tick

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