A few cool nicknacks from the latest tortureporn fest, this one in 3-D.  It was the highest “gross”-ing movie on the weekend it came out–no joke.  It’s remarkable how the film franchise has held and built its audience.  At this point, I’d say it’s doing better than Freddie or Michael in terms of box office ticket sales during first run release.

And all you Saw fans can get some cool stuff from this site . . . I have two prize packs to give away.  Each pack has:

– A copy of the Saw 3D soundtrack

– Two Saw 3D bracelets

– A Saw 3d lollipop(!)

– And the Saw 3D t-shirt at right.

To win, drop me a comment with your e-mail and the title of your favorite tortureporn flick. Winner will be drawn at random in a week, so check your email so you don’t miss the award e-mail (if I don’t hear back from you in 24 hours, I’ll go on to the next guy).

Good luck!

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