Lavender Days, the latest album from Ohio-based outfit Caamp, starts with a song titled, “Come With Me Now.” It’s a slow building invitation that lets you know from the jump that this is an album–not just a few good singles filled up with mediocre songs. Then, right away, comes “Believe,” with the opening line, “I believe in you baby/I will always be around/I believe in you baby/I won’t let you hit the ground…”

What follows is a collection of smooth Americana with beautiful guitarwork, a banjo that hits at all the right moments (only occasionally taking lead), and harmonies that recall the best of ’70s AM radio.

This is a summer album. A wonderful, sweet summer album. It’s music to be in love to. It’s for rainy days or sunny bike rides. And I love the delicious irony of closing a warm weather record with a song called, “Snowshoes.”

For me, this is the best Caamp album yet.

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