Nobunny‘s “Love Visions” was the 12th best album of 2008.  No shit.  And I still have no idea who the fuck they are. Their Wiki page is hilarious, and it reads their current line up as:

  • Nobunny – Vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Touchy Tony – Vocals, bass guitar
  • Elvis Christ – Vocals, drums, lead guitar
  • Danaheim – Drums

They’ve also got several dozen former members listed there, including Ryen Eggleston, Mark Beef, and TV’s Daniel.

Their music is even crazier.  Some favorites off of the new one are the lead track “Ain’t It a Shame” and the song about a new dance craze: “(Do the) Fuck Yourself.”

There’s nothing beautiful here.  Just brash electric garage throwback punk.

Do the Fuck Yourself


Better Man/I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Ramones cover)-Pearl Jam

Janie Jones (Clash cover)-Pete Doherty

Bonzo Goes to Bitburg-Port O’Brien

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