Continuing in our week-long tribute to this great young artist, here are some acoustic tunes, recorded live.An awesome show from ’05 by “Tres Tangled Truckers.” They are:

Caitlin Cary on violin (she has a few good solo albums out and used to be with Whiskeytown, and has the voice of an angel).
Dave Bartholomew, who I haven’t been able to confirm much about, on guitars.
Singer songwriter Kevn Kinney on guitar.
And, of course, Jason Isbell on Guitar. And they all sing.

December 18, 2005. Tastes and a zip, as usual.

1) Last christmas sucked..thanks for bringing it up. This sounds like an improv song, and the quality isn’t great.
2) Empty Rooms. The quality improves on this title track from one of Caitlan’s solo albums.
3) The Day That John Henry Died. The Drive-By Truckers cut, acoustic, with an “origin of the song” intro by Jason.
4) Stand Up and Fight For It.
5) Don’t Make it Better.
6) Razor Town. A track that wasn’t put on wax until Jason’s solo album, which we’re paying homage to all week here at BP because it’s just that damn good.
7) Kinda Like You.
8) The Next One.
9) Daylight. I like this version better than any version I’ve ever heard Jason do with the Truckers. It’s amazing he hits the notes live, without the help of a producer.
10) Time. Excellent finger style guitar work here.
11) Red.
12) Decoration Day. Another DBT tune.
13) When You Come Back.
14) Lorraine Today
15) When the Well Runs Dry.
16) Coming Round Again.
17) Still I Run.
18) Goddamn Lonely Love. Jason’s best DBT tune.
19) 40 Miles of Mountain Road.
20) I’m Staying Out. Another Caitlan solo composition. Her records are pretty fine, too.
21) Whisper.
22) Southwestern State. With Jason Ross of Seven Mary Three on Vocals
23) Broken Hearts and Auto Parts.
24) Please Break My Heart. Cait has the voice of an angel here.
25) Danko/Manuel.
26) Let’s Go Dancing. This is a really sweet tune.
27) Into the Mystic (Van Morrison cover).



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