Review of a gambling website!  Slots Hero is a free slot machine guide with reviews of the best online slots on the world wibe wibe and internet casino down loads. If you want to play free slots and slot machines that you do not have to actually down load to your machine, then probably going to slots hero (dot com) is a good idea.  They have got a lot reels to spin. They also offer free download slots games and a list of online slot tournaments–who knew you could actually do tournaments on-line?  That means you can play in your underwear!   How cool is that?  I was never able to do that in Las Vegas.  At least not without getting arrested.  Not that I ever did that myself of course.  But I’ve heard stories.  Anyway, if you are into slot machine playing, you might like this.  I am a blackjack man myself, but my wife digs the old one armed bandits on occasion.  Never tried this site yet though.

Follow the link at the very end of this sentence to go to slots dot com, which has a very extensive list of free slot machine games.

This review will be dated August 16, 2010.

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