Maybe it’s because The Killers are releasing a new album soon, but my inbox seems to be flooded of late with powerpop fronted by guys who sing a little better than 1980s Europopstars. I’m only noting this, wondering aloud. I’m not complaining, especially when it comes to Modern Boys, Modern Girls’ debut album, “I Might As Well Break It,” which is at the top of the pile in this genre. It’s startling how well-produced, crisp, tight and polished the album is, for an indie release and considering that this is the band’s first time out of the box. There’s not a lot of variety on the record, but it’s perfect for parties or long drives, because it’s full of energy and never stops moving forward.

This puts the album in direct contrast to the latest release from world music veterans the Duhks, whose “Fast Paced World” combines Scottish jigs, tradition folk and folk pop, elements of throaty alt-blues, Americana, country, and just about every other style you can think of to create an album that keeps you guessing from song to song. Where MBMG create a singular vision rockNpop, with driving beats and arena-rock vocals straight out the late ‘80s, The Duhks have multiple vocalists and a wide variety of instruments including the banjo and the fiddle, drawing on traditional and classic influences.

My Baby Says Boy, Don’t You Ever Go-Modern Boys Modern Girls

Mighty Storm-Duhks

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