TAME IMPALA-Innerspeaker

Psychedelijazz doesn’t get a lot of play here, so if I’m going to write about it, it’s got be very good. Tame Impala fits the bill. Let’s start with “It Is Not Meant To Be.” It’s got Beatles-ish vocals, like from the Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds era, but the music has elements of Yes, modern electonica, crashing cymbals . . . It’s complex, but’s got a groove. And it’s pretty much the standard for the album. “Desire Be Desire Go” may have more fuzz and a harder sound, and Alter Ego may have more Pink Floyd than the other cuts on the record, but the sound remains similar throughout. A definite, high-quality album by a band to watch.

For fans of: Yeasayer, Flaming Lips, Dungen, and The Beatles.

Solitude of Bliss

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