VATICAN 4! R.E.D. ROOM! It’s Mixtape Season!

A bunch of you-probably-need-to-hear-this mixtapes have dropped recently . . .

First, foremost, and most anticipated is the fourth and final Raekwon mixtape, Vatican 4.  Volumes one through three were pretty much stellar–or at least remaerkable. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but check out this track . . .

I Wish I Had a Bigger Gun (direct dl)


Second, is Game’s advance-of-the-album mixtape, R.E.D. Room, by the great DJ Skee. Game’s first album–and the mixtapes before and around that record–are some of the best mainstream gangsta rap in history. Since then, the quality of his releases has dipped. Sometimes dramatically. He keeps trying to sound like other people, losing his own voice, and how many times can he shout out other guys. We get it, you like Dr. Dre and you have no love for Fiddy. Still, I always give his stuff a listen because when he’s on fire, he burns.

Gangs of N.Y. with Jadakiss and Jim Jones (direct dl)


A little more off the beaten track is Theophilus London’s, “I Want You” mixtape. I found it here, and I’m glad I did . . .


Lastly, this ain’t no mixtape, but is a release without a barcode . . .

Dispicable-Eminem (freestyle) (direct dl)

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