What are you still doing here?  Go away!


. . . To Setting the Woods on Fire for a compilation of Cindy Walker tunes. Yee-haw!

. . . Here or here to see why I was right that the new Nas/Damian Marley album is a crashing, unforgivable, conventional bore.  And none of you agreed with me.  Hah!

. . . Here for the best of the many Dio funereal trib posts.

. . . Here to see Dr. Mooney’s new look.  Very slick.  But he dropped his link to me, which will likely lead to retaliation….

. . . Here for the most recent of many bloggers to say how frickin’ awesome Surfer Blood are.

. . . Here for Tobacco Manic Meat.  If you have to ask, you need to check it out.  Wild music.

. . .  Here to see some very creative prison inventions.

. . . Here for the funeral for Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job!  Such a misunderstood, terrifically disgusting show.

. . . Here for a terrific “best of” mix of Ghostface Killah!  He used to one of my favorite rappers, but he’s kinda fallen off lately.

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