BILL JANOVITZ-Cover of the Week

Anybody out there into Bill Janovitz? Ever even heard of him? No? What about Buffalo Tom? There we are. BT got some cred back in the late 1990s, and were even associated with the great Dinosaur Jr. Well, Bill Janovitz is actually a very good artist on his own, having released some solo projects and, currently, running his own website, Bill Janovitz, Part Time Man of Rock. If you’ve been a regular reader there for the last year and a half, then you know about his Cover of the Week project, on which he records (usually excellent) cover versions of classic songs and essays about what the songs mean to him. This makes it more than just a showcase: It’s a personal blog, combined with fantastic music.

This, to me, is the future of rock and roll.

Oh, and dude is also a writer.  And the book to my left is damn good.  Especially if you’re a fan of the greatest rock and roll album of all time.

There have been 77 covers posted already.  Here’s a few samples.

Gold Day (Sparklehorse)

In the Garden (Van Morrison)

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