Here’s an email from a guy who was a staunch republican in 2004. . .

A few major Bush accomplishments

1. Filled every level of government with incompetent ideologues
2. Ruined the reputation and standing of our country across the world
3. Invaded another country without a good reason then managed it so poorly so as to require an American occupation for at least a decade.
4. Turned the largest budget surplus ever  into the largest deficit ever
5. Decimated the EPA. Raped the clean water act. Generally surrendered the environment to big oil, coal, logging chemical and agriculture
6. Ignored global climate change at possible the most crucial period possible.
7. Concentrated wealth in for the very rich at the expense of the middle and lower classes.
8. Moved the tax burden to wages and off of capital gains thus making working for a living harder and living off of trust funds easier.
9. Expanded the power of the executive branch while at the same time removing both its credibility and accountability
10. Forced government into areas where it doesn’t belong (FCC regulating content, set the stage for a roe v. wade reversal)
11. Filled the education system with costly and pointless bureaucracy while cutting social programs
12. Put 1 million more children into poverty and removed health care from a similar number
13. Broke the military
14. Allowed the American broad band internet access to drop to 16th out of the top 16 industrialized nations
15. Blocked election reform
16. Vetoed stem cell research
17. Encouraged torture and violations of the Geneva Convention
18. effectively cut funding to police and fire departments across the country and sent the National Guard to Iraq while we are “at war with terro”
19. Allowed 9/11 to happen (this is a bit of a stretch but it was on his watch)
20. Bred a new generation of terroists while doing nothing to protect us against them
21. Spent close to a billion $ on a missle defense plan that cannot possibly work with current technology. (current switching rates for the circuits used in missles are not fast enough to make the changes required to knock a nother missle out of the air.)
22. Ruined our relationship with many allies ( Russia springs to mind.)

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