1.  Cover Me has a post full of Eminem covers.  Totally rad.  Remember when Eminem was cool?

2.  And speaking of rap, the terrific J-Live has a new single out.  The Way That I Rhyme (direct DL).  You need to hear this!

3. And speaking of hearing good music: Don’t Walk Away Renee-Billy Bragg and Badly Drawn Boy (direct DL).

4.  And continuing to speak about music, check out this totally rad video for Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” one of the greatest pop songs in history.  Just posting it for no special reason.

5.  And speaking of things to see, I saw Death at a Funeral.  Here’s a few remarkable things about it:

  • It is the best Martin Lawrence film since Bad Boys.
  • Chris Rock  finally figured out how to not appear like a completely-can’t-act-awkward-bastard: Be in a movie with ML.  It’s like looking skinny by hanging out with people who are fatter than you.
  • It would be a lot funnier if the one joke in it wasn’t so completely homophobic.
  • The moral is: You can undergo a change in character and a transformation into a better person–and hate gay people less–if you kill a fag.
  • What the hell happened to Neil Labute’s standards?
  • But despite all of the above, I didn’t hate it.

6.  And speaking of strange things that don’t bother me as much as they should: Just got a new car.  And I was paid a grand by the Federal Government not to trade in my old car.  Now all I need to do is get subsidies to not grow crops, and my slacker apathy dream will be complete.

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