RAFTER-Animal Feelings

Bring da indie noise, bring da indie funk.  Because that’s what makes Rafter so damn cool.

On casual or first listen, Rafter (a.k.a. Rafter Roberts) sounds like a lot of indie rock you’ve heard before.  But get closer.  Unwrap your ears.  As you do, the funk influence will be the first thing that strikes you.  And I’m talking real funk, not just a 1970’s beat or washed out Hot Chip.  I’m talking that kind of sexy, not-too-fast, not-too-slow groove that you used to hear in the best Isaac Hayes soundtracks.  Next, the lyrics impress.  It’s not just that many of them are rude, crude, and put you in the mood.  It’s some of the sweeter songs, too.  This man can do dance and raunch and pop and fluff, but he can also make truly touching, loving lyrics.  “Timeless Form” may be one of the greatest, simplest, and most honest love songs of the past few years—on a par with anything by Death Cab For Cutie—and yet is neither twee nor limp.  This is one of the best, most interesting records of the year.


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