HOLLERADO-Record in a Bag

Hollerado come to you from Manotick, Ontario, by way of Montreal, where they made a pretty big splash back in 2007/2008.  Last year, they toured China with The Stills and released some EPs, literally, in plastic baggies. Hence, the title of their free, self-released album, “Record in a Bag.”  The irony is that it’s a download and the one thing the internet has definitely been able to do is make retail greener by eliminating bags and bag-related packaging.

What can you expect from the record?  Fun, action-packed rock and roll. Yeah, they’re Candadian, but they aren’t experimental, obtuse, or pretentious.  This is party music, boys and girls.  Enjoy.

Do the doot da doot doo

Get the whole album here!

Video for Juliet:

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