J DAVIS TRIO-These Things Happen

Okay, most Jazz Hip Hop leaves me cold.  That’s a disclaimer right there.  But J. Davis Trio’s self-released album, “These Things Happen,” won me over.  Even though they sent me the clean version(!).

J. Davis Trio backs rappers with flows that are appropriately laid back for a Chicago jazz band.  I haven’t heard of any of the vocalists on the album—I’m assuming they’re all local talent—but their styles are all so similar that the album hangs together.

I suppose if you’re gonna compare this to something, it’s like Guru’s Jazzamatazz, A Tribe Called Quest, Bad Plus, or maybe some of Del Tha Funkee Homosapien’s more mellow work.  None of the rhymes are earth-shattering, but this kind of rap is directed more at mood than mind.  One more thing, be warned: There is profanity here, which I found a bit unexpected, but it actually ends up giving the album a little bit of edge and humor that helps elevate it above others in this genre.


Court Is Now In Session

These Things Happen

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