THE NIRVANA DIASPORA: Covers, rarities, oddities and offspring (Part Four)

Part One is here!

Part Two is here!

Part Three is here!

This is the end my friends, the end.

R is for

  • Rock N Roll-John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page, Taylor Hawkins on vocals, Dave Grohl on Drums (Led Zep).  (YSI)

S is for

T is for

  • Times Like These-Ryan Adams (Foo Fighters)

U is for

  • The Best of “U”-Stereophonics (Foo Fighters).

V is for

  • (Moist) Vagina-Nirvana.  This is actually “Marijuana,” but I guess tagging it like this is a Nirvana fan’s idea of a witty joke.  Dig the 45 second burp at the end.

W is for

X is for

Y is for

  • YYZ-Foo Fighters (Rush cover).

Z is for

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