This is a review of a rap record.  No, not really.  But kinda.  It’s that more-spoken-than-sang kinda country-blues that makes every song sound old, established, rootsy and timeless.  And you’d never expect this kind of music from a guy who looks like Grant Peeples.

He’s got love songs, lost and forlorn in the traditional country way (“Bluebird in My Heart”), but he’s also got a good bunch of focused anger, political and leftist (“Searching For A Sign”).  It’s always refreshing to hear music that has a level of conscious protest to it.  There’s nothing wrong with broken hearts and bling, but songs about the state of the Nation are in far-too-short supply these days, given the state of our country.

And one of the coolest things about him is his self-distribution plan: Grant will send you his latest album, Pawnshop, if you ask him to.  That’s it.  If you get it and dig it, then you can send him 15 bucks.  He calls it “The New Deal.”  Just e-mail him at  Seriously.

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